Happy, Happy


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Feb 26, 2008
I really don't care where the rates have finally settled, up a lot, up a little, same, etc. I am really happy however, that the quotes we receive now are all somewhat in line with each other. During the crazy period after e-logs were mandatory (about a year ago now isn't it?), rates for the same lane could be 100's if not a thousand dollars different between carriers. I am sure that even the carriers who broker freight are relieved to see some stability return to the market. As far as rate fluctuations during the holiday period, that has been, and always will be a fact of life in our industry. If a shipper wants something moved when most carriers are either closed or operating with a skeleton staff, or less, there is no limit to what they might have to pay. Simple supply and demand economics on that one.


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Dec 10, 2018
Toronto, ON
So glad rates have deflated since the holidays - I was getting some ridiculous bids on loads.
I agree!

I'm always for giving a little extra during the holidays to my carriers because they deserve it, but the consistency is always nice to have and come back to once the holiday season is over.