Freight Broker Software

Paul Shteyn

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If you were to switch to another software what would the reason be?
what are you missing in the current software you are using?

is it price? functionality? etc

Beep Beep

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I'd also like to know what is a good brokerage package for a small business doing about 1,000 to 1,500 loads a year.
We wrote up our own software that works pretty good for what we do now but we are growing again and I'm thinking of upgrading to a packaged software.
Thoughts on brand and why please


I've heard positive things about Rose Rocket - checked the demo, but haven't made the move (we're comfortable with what we have currently) if you need a great contact, just inbox me.


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We have been using Dispatch Mate from Info Site for the last 12-15 years. Works well for us.


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The benefits I expect to achieve are all the things every TMS vendor promises - Efficiency, KPI Dashboards, Automation, Compliance, etc. We are coming off of a 10 year old system which is adequate for dispatching and tracing, but all the reporting, compliance, paper files, and ridiculous amounts of email and attachments that we keep separately are a drag on productivity.

In addition to that the opportunity to show our client base we are progressive and able to keep up. They are upgrading to new ERP's and the thought of them working with their shiny new toys, while still getting the same old excel sheets from us was undesirable.

I am really looking forward to breaking all the bad habits we have developed over the last 10 years. The disruption to our day to day processes and to our reliance on institutional knowledge/history will be what bring our whole operation up to date rather than just the TMS.