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After a brief read of the Terms and Conditions on their website, it appears that this is a “match maker” service. Like a dating site, carriers and shippers pay a fee to join. Shippers post upcoming shipments and interested carriers quote on them. Evotrux makes it quite clear however that they play no role in vetting either carriers or shippers as to their abilities or creditworthiness. Once a job, or shipment is completed, payment flows between carrier and shipper. From a shippers perspective, it seems like a leap of faith to trust your goods to an unknown entity. For a carrier, maybe a risk in terms of getting paid, but not more than normal. Who knows, maybe a way for a carrier to develop a new client and leave Evotrux behind.


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Hello all. My name is Daniel Santos. I'm the CEO of Evotrux. I just found this forum and noticed some discussions about Evotrux so thought I would clarify a couple things and make myself available if anyone had any other questions.

Loaders is correct in that we are kind of a match making service. Shippers post their available freight on our site and our system automatically notifies relevant carriers within our network about the opportunity. Carriers are matched based on equipment type, availability and a few other criteria.

Those who are interested can submit offers direct to the shipper through the website. The shipper reviews the offers and carrier profiles and selects the one they like best. We then put the shipper and winning carrier in direct contact. All formal agreements, invoicing, payments etc happen directly between shipper and carrier.

Our system helps both sides find the optimal solution as efficiently as possible and then we get out of the way.

Carriers set up a service profile (a summary of where they generally have capacity) and they can also post available equipment that falls outside of the service profile. Freight is then matched to them based on these.

After each booked shipment the shipper and carrier rate each other and can provide a testimonial. A better rating makes you more appealing to shippers and can help you secure better rates. On the flip side, if you see a shipper with a poor rating, you may want to quote it accordingly.

Base membership to Evotrux is free. Starting in March we will be offering a premium paid membership with advanced tools and analytics. But this is optional. If you wish to, you can use Evotrux for free forever. Oh, and it's a website so you can use it anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Not like "other guys" who staple you to one computer/location for new decent reason. :)

If anyone has any questions, I'd be happy to reply here. Cheers!