Delta Nu Alpha - October Function


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Please join us for dinner followed by an informative panel discussion
Thursday October 22nd

Moderator – Joel MacKay (Delta Member)
President & Owner – Mactrans Logistics Inc.

Discussion will include:
How is 3PL technology & social media evolving?
How can a reluctant industry embrace change?
What does the future hold for freight brokers & technology?
Can small & mid-sized 3PL’s compete with the big guys?
Can freight brokers provide customers with real time transit info?

Panelists are Senior Managers from Canadian technology
companies focusing on transportation

**You can now register with member MikeJr directly **

Send him a PM and get signed up today


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For those who attended the Surface Transportation Summit yesterday - I'm sure you felt much better walking out the door knowing the industry is moving forward. Banks noted Canada is out of the recession and numbers for 2016 regarding costs, pricing and rates will improve. The industry as a whole is looking more positive. I've attended a few of these Summit's and they normally have doom & gloom to report. Or that the industry will remain growth. But was a nice change. People were excited...people were talking...people were optimistic.

Thought I would share that "tidbit" with all you hard working members this morning. Who are trying to make a well deserved buck. Hang in there...the tables are turning.

A big topic of discussion was technology - and if you don't get on board with it - you'll not only be left behind but any opportunity of "catching up" will be too late. We will be continuing this discussion with our Delta panel next week.

You should really consider attending this dinner/seminar and finding out where you stand regarding the tech sector. What's new, what's old, what other businesses are utilizing and what's available to improve YOUR business as a whole. It's networking that keeps us all in the loop - and the tech sector is a big one. And I'll be the first to admit...I'm a little behind.

It really does come down to where your business is operating - in the fast moving left lane...or the slow moving right one.

Please email MikeJr with your sign up details.


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I was at the Summit yesterday. Very valuable information. Pricey to attend but worth it.

I will be signing up for the event next week as well. I've got a few questions I'd like answered.


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Received a PM from another member on Inside about Delta membership.

Visit - registration form online and YES - if you are attending next Thursday bring everything with you night of. You'll have the added benefit of member pricing for the panel seminar.