Delta Nu Alpha - March Function


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Delta Nu Alpha Transportation Network

Thursday March 26, 2015


Effective Leadership & Positive Vision
“Within The Deep Freeze”

Douglas Harrison – President & CEO
VersaCold Logistics Services

The Delta Nu Alpha presents an “Open Mic”
evening with Douglas Harrison.
Topics of discussion include personal business experiences, effective leadership qualities,
successful business models and future industry trends.
The evening will conclude with an open “Q&A” session.

Please join us for this interactive seminar
moderated by Mike McCarron

Toronto Airport West Hotel
5444 Dixie Road, Mississauga
6:00pm - Lobby Bar 6:30pm - Dinner
Members - $50.00
Non Members - $70.00

Please book reservations by March 23rd
Contact Terry Buchkowsky - or


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With the many members we have on Inside Transport - I urge many of you to get MORE involved in the industry you work everyday.

The Delta Nu Alpha is the perfect venue to do so. We strive to keep membership fees low, provide relevant topics with fantastic guest speakers and more importantly build lasting relationships with people. Joining or being part of an Association builds on your network. It's where you can say "I know a guy...that knows a guy...I can help...I'll give him a call and get back to you". You'll be calling a "Delta" friend...I guarantee it. And why not do this in the lobby bar of the hotel we all meet at ahead of the seminar. That's where you'll find us. Talking shop...with drinks... and eating nuts...

We've all needed help and assistance from industry friends at one point or another. I personally have met so many people in my 4 years as a member with the Delta. And quite a few turned into direct customers. It has enriched my professional and personal life in many facets - too many to list....

So if you are considering attending - come out to this one. And anyone who is familiar with Mike McCarron as moderator - knows full well he puts on a great evening - no matter what venue he's part of. He's a friend to the Delta - and fully supports Association membership.

Give it some consideration folks and join won't be sorry.



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went to the January networking one and met a couple good contacts

just signed up for this one and became a member now to save myself some money

I'm all for a drink and learning something!


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We can all see the importance in some of these relevant areas of discussion. We can relate in one way or another to a business that is not doing very well. A "sinking ship" that needs to be repaired and quickly. Wouldn't you like to know what you as a business owner or employee could possibly do - to keep it from sinking?

The industry is volatile - hence why majority of us are part of this forum. To ensure that work - especially hard paid for. And making those connections we need to keep our business "in the loop".

Our speaker will share not only his personal experiences in business. But ideas and solutions to ongoing issues our industry faces.

If I owned a business - that needed a boost - in areas of finance, technology and hiring - I'd want to know where to start and what possible business models I could create. That would suit me and my company's size.

Plan on attending? Get yourself signed up by Tuesday next week. Please send me a PM also so I can send you further details myself.