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Morning Members,

The Delta has 2 events this month. A Night at the Races (June 15) and a seminar presentation on June 23 (Mediterranean dinner). Please see details attached & sign up with MikeJr. Please note the racetrack night is limited seating - we reached capacity on this last year.

Would be nice to have Inside Members attending these functions. Get out of the office - meet others in the industry who are reputable business owners and great future contacts to have.

Keep it in mind folks.


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Afternoon Members,

Please note our Night At The Racetrack event is SOLD OUT. For those attending I wish you an evening of fun and 'good luck' when placing your bets!

June 23 Dinner & Seminar - a tidbit of what will be covered below. Please note this seminar will be an extension of Angela's article in Fleet Executive.

Managing Millennials:
A new generation of workers might require some new approaches in your workplace.

Millennials - the demographic group born between the early ‘80s and 2000's -- represent the largest workplace cohort since the baby boom. They are generally considered to be technologically savvy, community-minded, environmentally aware and resourceful multi-taskers.

Forward-thinking fleets want millennial employees, particularly as ageing boomers approach retirement. By 2020, youth born in the 1980's and ‘90s will represent an astounding 40% of the Canadian workforce.

Angela will share insights to help you better attract, recruit, and retain millennials in your workplace.

The evening will start with delicious Mediterranean cuisine followed by a 1 hour presentation. Please sign up for the Delta's first ever summer seminar with MikeJr. Send me a PM if you have any questions.


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