Daytona Freight Systems - Brampton


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They have not paid in a number of months, also lots and lots of double brokering.
sorry :9
I have to give a well deserved THANK YOU to Daytona. We had them on a critical show freight shipment for arrival in Las Vegas. They loaded on time but ran into a delay at the border when the shipper had filed incorrect paperwork. Not only did they wait all day last Friday for the problem to be solved, but switched to a team after running half way to the destination. Even when Mother Nature threw them a curve ball with closed highways in CO., they were able to make the delivery just as the show opened this morning. Excellent communication 24 hours every day, including screen shots of text msg with the drivers and satellite tracking. They could have thrown in the towel any number of times during this ordeal and pretty much told us to f**k off, " the load will get there when it gets there", something we have all heard too often in these situations. No, they carried on and provided continuous updates and allowed us to call their drivers directly on their cell. Both our customer and ourselves are more than happy to agree to extra charges for the border delay and for the switch to a team while enroute. We have done a few previous shipments with this outfit without incident, but after this display of stellar service, we will try to connect with them whenever we can. When credit for a good job is warranted, I strongly believe in giving it. Highly recommended.


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I have an October 3rd invoice outstanding. Advised cheque was mailed mailed jan 10. Never received the cheque. Was told a replacement cheque will be mailed tomorrow. A/P has been very difficult to get answers from. . Freight was also double brokered. On our DNU list