Can dlv before appointment time is a reson for non payment ?


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Aug 22, 2018

Any suggestion about if carrier dlv load before appointment time can be a reason for non payment?
we pick load in nov on Thursday for Friday 6 pm dlv. Dlv was in Manhattan, NY & it was warning for freezing rain.
So driver decide to leave early & he will wait at the receiver for unloading. On Friday driver was at receiver around 2pm & request if they can offload early will be great.
Receiver ask him to wait in truck . Around 4 pm they call driver off load him & everything was good.
After week broker call & ask why we dlv that load early appointment was for 6pm. I told them driver requested them if they can & they call him early that's why.
Now we are asking for payment accounts says they will not pay because we went early for dlv crew charge $5000 for off loading 2 hours early & my driver misbehave with the crew. I ask driver he is telling different story driver says there was no issues & no special crew even he help them when they ask for help.
Any suggestion how to handle this kind off situation . I never heard in my 10 year transportation experience for non payment because off 2hours early dlv.
Jan 8, 2011
It seems you extended your credit to the crooks. The only way is to follow with a letter from your lawyer. Elaborating in their excuse is pointless - they are crooks!


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Jul 29, 2009
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Who did you do the load for? This is either a payment stalling tactic or they never had any intention of paying you. We get unloaded early all the time. We also do not bitch to brokers if we show up early and have to wait for scheduled delivery appointment as that happens also. Finding with ELD that shippers are more understanding and if they can load or unload even though truck is early they try an accommodate to get the trucks moving.


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Jan 21, 2010
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How can one be penalised for delivering 2 hours early when the shipment was accepted without incident?
Sure sounds fishy, please let us know how it turns out - it better be a happy ending.

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