Bills of Lading Act - NTBA / Delta Nu Alpha Combined Meeting Nov 19


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It has been 6 years since the NTBA and Delta Nu Alpha have held a combined meeting on the subject of the Bills of Lading Act - one of the most misunderstood legislations in Canada.

The discussion will center on presentations by noted transportation lawyers Gordon Hearn and Martin Abadi of the Fernandes Hearn LLP law firm.

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I'm going to have to attend this.
I see over and over again shippers that put 3PL's on the BOL listed as a carrier - no matter how many times we tell them not to. Do I have any claim vs. the shipper or consignee if the importer refuses to pay the freight bill but I've long paid the transporting carrier? DO I need to ask the carrier to help me sue (even though they technically have been paid)?

Those kinds of questions - I'd rather ask in a formal manner than put it out here and get 'mostly' educated guesses.

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