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Scotlynn Commodities is currently looking for AZ drivers - lease-operators, owner-operators, company drivers to run short- hauls /long -hauls out of Cambridge ON (Loblaw DC & Cornwall ON ( Loblaw DC)

Company Drivers: We have hourly work with an incentive program and lots of hours/shifts to work.

Lease to Own: We have International Day Cabs and Kenworth sleeper trucks; we lease to drivers who want to own a truck and be paid to corporation. No down payment required, no credit check, no interest charged on the lease. This is an excellent opportunity for company drivers who want to further their trucking career and own a truck.

Owner Operators: There is no minimum truck model year required; your tractor just needs to pass a Scotlynn truck inspection. Scotlynn covers the plates, insurance, running authorities, permits, decals, and satellite (no charge to you).

Why Scotlynn Commodities?

Excellent pay structure with paid stops and waiting time

Fuel surcharge provided

We cover plates and insurance

Fuel cards with discounts

Benefit coverage for the whole family

Dedicated and consistent freight with lots of loads

Call Scotlynn recruiting at 1-800-263-9117 EXT: 2536 or email recruiting@scotlynn.com for more information about your next career opportunity!


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I'm surprised to see that you are still audacious enough to be presenting the lease to own option as a legitimate method of paying drivers to corporations instead of as employees when, based on the wording of your advertisement above, they'd clearly be working as what Revenue Canada defines as employees? From everything I read, the concept of the "never never plan" as a legitimate way to pay independent contractors no longer meets government requirements.

Link to CRA guidance below:


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What happens when you fire the driver the day before hes about to make his last payment on the truck?

You get a free and clear truck for a mere 2500$


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“Be paid to a corporation” . Isn’t that the definition of Drivers Inc? No source deductions, WSIB, Health Tax, etc, etc.?


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“Be paid to a corporation” . Isn’t that the definition of Drivers Inc? No source deductions, WSIB, Health Tax, etc, etc.?
They structure their truck rental agreement in such away that they can convince the driver that its a legitimate process. I'd be extremely interested in seeing if there's been an actual CRA ruling on their structure- if its actually been approved by CRA then my preconceptions may be entirely wrong. If it hasn't though, well....

It might be prudent to apply the duck test in this situation when assessing their proposed structure for employees - if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck - then....
Its also possible that CRA has a better opinion of their practices than the Ontario MOL?

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