1456316 Ontario Inc o/a Debut Transport


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any info would be appreciated. i have 905-829-0614 which is no longer in service. 416-270-7708 receives msg's however, she does not call back. My invoice is now at 80 days. I have called and emailed the customer ( he paid Debut ) - he pretty much flipped me off. Thoughts?

Jim L

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Can someone post it or at least advise who is the lawyer handling the bankruptcy?


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Rarely does a small broker such as Debut file for bankruptcy. Between Trustee fees and lawyers fees, someone would have to prepay around $30,000. More than likely, Debut has just shut their doors, and understandably, no one wants to spend $30k to put them into bankruptcy.

That being said, here's a link to Industry Canada's bankruptcy look-up. Once you have registered as a User (free), it costs $8.00/search payable by CC. It is a one page information sheet, but does not show list of unsecured creditors; however, you will know if 1456316 Ontario Inc o/a Debut Transport has truly filed for bankruptcy.

I have a client who is owed $300 which is not worth pursuing by itself - what dollar amounts are owing to you? If the combined total exceeds $3500, it may be worth a small claims action (multiple plaintiffs).