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Does anyone have any information on the below comment from the WSIB site. We are updating our WSIB audit on carriers and the below statement came up for a certain carrier:
"Not elgiable for clearance certificate"
Not eligible means there is a payment issue, or some other issue, but they DO have a valid account. You normally dont see it until the first of a month after payments are due because of processing delays


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Has anyone recently received notification from WSIB collection services?
This is the second notice I have received regarding two different companies that have hauled freight for me.
In both instances I show them in good standing but WSIB claims that the company "has not met the requirements of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act".
I need to provide WSIB with a copy of the most recent clearance and information on the contacts.
If they show in good standing on the WSIB website, why are they requesting this info?
@ Dietcoke...maybe the person inquiring is not with the WSIB? I dont think that anyone from the WSIB would be asking YOU for a recent clearance certificate...its not YOU that issues them.


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I agree with you Maggs. But the notification clearly comes from the WSIB. I need to reply to the "Collectin Services 200 Front Street Toronto"
They want details on the "contracts" entered with the carrier and the last item on their list (#6) is a copy of the most recent Certificate of Clearance.
Well I guess if you mail them your backup to the legit address and not to some fake email address or fax #.....then you should be good. Just strange we have never heard of this in our 43 years.


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Keep in mind that every time you lookup a carrier's name to verify its WSIB status, WSIB now has your "enquiring" name. Re the questionnaires which seem to be flooding from the WSIB offices these days, as long as you have a current CC, you are OK. You could print off and mail them back a copy of the letter and the current CC, and that should put an end to it. I had one re Aberstar, with an impeccable history of automatic renewals, yet the WSIB made an error and sent out the letters (I phoned WSIB to confirm). Were yours for Aberstar as well?

If I hadn't jumped on this right away, I would have thought Aberstar were deadbeats. If enough of those letters went out re Aberstar, they might have grounds for legal action against WSIB.


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Just as a minor addition to Scam Chaser's thoughtful response. We all know that WSIB is not very good at a number of different things, however they are very good at one thing. Collecting their money and relentlessly tracking down any entity that it feels should be paying into their system. Although nothing is foolproof in regard to staying in WSIB's "good books", keeping your nose spotlessly clean can help.


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Yes, it was Aberstar but with a different account number than the one I had. Since my posting I called WSIB to clarify and I need to send a copy of current CC just as ScamChaser mentioned.
Thanks for the input:)
We also receive a notice from WSIB on Aberstar and sent the applicable certificate for the time period mentioned which was a previous quarter in Feb 2013. We download all certificates and file them on our server. Too many times we have had to send in proof.
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