WSIB quarterly clearance certificates

How are other brokers out there handling the quarterly wsib clearance certificates? If I want to use a carrier the day after their certificate expired (August 20th for example) I always seem to be the one who has to get them to call WSIB. Other brokers have told me they give carriers a grace period before they go online to print it. But the WSIB tells me the carriers aren't covered without the clearance certificate. I've called a carrier a month into the new quarter and they still don't have it but they've been taking loads from brokers the whole time. Is anybody else even checking these?
I'm a carrier, so maybe this isn't the answer you are looking for, but I don't provide certificates. I give you my account number, and you print your own off the wsib eclearance site.
You should be able to punch in all your suppliers numbers, and it is supposed to automatically update, the way I understand it.
Provided I pay my premiums on time (which is actually a week before its due or else I become inelegible for a day or two), things should never 'expire'.
Same here. I provide the number and list as authorized to retrieve updates.
I don't provide the actual update. That's what we pay WSIB the big $$ for.


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Yep just get an online account set up, punch in all the account numbers and WSIB will handle the updates for you. Everything will be available online to you.


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As a broker we have a wsib list set up for all of our carriers that automatically renews or not depending on paid premiums. I understand the issue from the original posters comment. On the actual date they are due to renew our data base all expire on the same day a logistic nightmare to update them all on the same day as an expired wsib blocks our ability to assign a carrier to a shipment . I tried originallly to renew a few days early and I couldn't, not sure it they have changed that. A work around is to stagger the renewal dates for a couple of days so we can get a chance to update in our system.


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