WSIB Disclaimer Form

Has anyone ever heard of a WSIB Disclaimer Form stating that the company certifies that they only have owner operator drivers and do not require WSIB? Does this type of form hold up with WSIB?


I ________ hereby declare that I am a representative of the company
_______and certify that we employ only owner operator drivers and thereby we do not require WSIB coverage.

I thought all companies even offices needed to have WSIB coverage?


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Yes that is possible as long as the O|O has signed off of WSIB and has outside insurance to cover themselves. IE National Truck League.
We have O/O's as well. If they choose not to support the WSIB option, then yes they require to sign off on the disclaimer form. However, cross all "T"'s when obtaining their self insurance and make sure that they are up to date with their payments....we have a company that covers O/O's and we pay the premiums then deduct from them. This way we have a peace of mind knowing that the insurance is being paid for.
WSIB supplies the form for the O/O to sign off on. If you give them a call or go onto their website you can get the forms, the form number is 1149A.
Just make sure you follow the instructions.
WSIB audit went well. Rep said that all carriers, including companies with only owner operators, will have to have WSIB by 2013 and she says it will be enforced in 2014.


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