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Who wants a lead for Newpaper Dist across Canada?

Discussion in 'Truck/Freight Leads' started by TransAction, Dec 13, 2016.

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  1. TransAction

    TransAction Active Member

    Hi All,

    From time to time we have leads that come in on business we just don't feel is a good fit for us so instead of just deleting them, we decided we'd post them on here to see if we can help pass on some business to the good people on this forum. I will send the lead to the highest bidder starting at $, just kidding, PM me if interested:

    "I need to get an estimate from you to ship to 98 location across Canada.
    We usually give 1 week ( 5 working days) to get the flyers to the various newspaper distribution plants.
    Could you please price this out shipping cost for us to get a budget established with the client."

    Locations are from Quebec to BC ranging in 8 lbs. to 1,600 lbs.

    Reason we don't want to bid on this is we are not well suited for the smaller courier type deliveries and these guys want a one stop.

    Let me know.


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