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White Oak Transport

Discussion in 'Preferred Carrier' started by PackRat, Aug 24, 2015.

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  1. PackRat

    PackRat Site Supporter

    Just following up on the shipment. Picked up and delivered on time. Good Communications. Will use again.
    Thanks all.
  2. loaders

    loaders Site Supporter

    Long term players in this industry, never had a problem with service. Helen used to be with Lacy Dalton years ago. Although we haven't connected for a while, I would be very surprised if you had a service problem.

    DIETCOKE Site Supporter

    We match up with White Oak a few times a year. Never any problems. I usually deal with Helen but also with Cam.
  4. PackRat

    PackRat Site Supporter

    Good afternoon all,

    Anyone have any experience with White Oak Transport out of Stoney Creek, ON? With Respect to service?
    Load pending.
    thanks all.

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