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Morning all,

We are looking to expand out Western Canada LTL Carrier base and are looking for some good referrals. There are a lot to choose from but wondering what ones stand out with the board members? Thanks in advance all.


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This is interesting...

Western Canada is an EXTREMELY competitive market.

With that much competition comes a vast variety of service levels.

We use JR Hall, Caneda, Highlight and QuikX Road, Schroeder as our expedited partners.

There are a ton of parners that are a little easier on the wallet. QuikTrax, Direct Right, CFF, NFF, Clarke, CCT and many others.

My advise... Choose a partner that has a network of terminals that can support anything extra that your shippers don't tell you about when booking the shipments (straight truck, lift gate, appointments etc.).
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I do have terminals all the major western cites and a network of agents for the beyonds my rates are usually somewhere between quik x and jr hall

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I can't believe how cheap it is to ship to Western Canada (from Ontario). It costs about the same to send a skid to Vancouver as it does to send one to OH...


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