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  1. loaders

    loaders Site Supporter

    It is a requirement that you maintain a clearance certificate for every carrier/owner operator you contract with. As you have already experienced, a WSIB audit can be expensive if you fail to obtain the certificates. A better
    solution than withholding payables, is to withhold the load until you are in possession of the clearance certificate. Just another step a professional broker should take, along with ensuring proper operating authorities, licensing and insurance coverage of all of the carriers you use.
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  2. Trukker

    Trukker Member

    So as of late we've had to make sure all carriers working for us have current WCB or significant coverage for what ever province they reside in . We had a situation where we had to pay WCB for a carrier that was not relevant to the load they did for us . As explained to us by WCB we should not and cannot release any payables till there WCB is current . Anyone else experience this ?

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