Can anyone teach me how to be be correctly classified in BC as they like to classify my business as General Trucking (CU 732019) instead of one of freight forwarders (without touching the material)

Can someone help as i am now onto WCAT to review this and i know for a fact some brokers have been able to get classified correctly.

Martinwizz, Are you freight broker or trucking company? Trucking companies pay more than freight forward companies. Either way, if you are from out of B.C. then ask them to do inter-provincial. That way you don't have to pay extra. We are in B.C. and when we registered with ON, SK,MB and AB, we ask for inter-provincial and never paid dime. It was all covered under our B.C. coverage.
Both but let's not mix things. As a freight broker I have an employee living and working from BC and this is where it gets complicated as I have to register my company in BC and pay WCB. A trucking company who runs through provinces but with no drivers living from a different province than the one the company is from does not have to pay extra.
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