Waste Management of Canada Corp

They hired a new transportation manager at the end of May 2015. He asked us to do a load June 1st 2015. Still waiting for payment and its under $500.00 . Every month they need some info on the invoice changed or corrected. They have had 2 more traffic managers since June. Know one stays there. We will never do another load without prepayment.
I know exactly what you are talking about wiseowl .. we did a few loads as well, I sent the invoice and we were back and forth; changing information .. my invoice showed the correct name and address, BUT their name did not fit on one line, again it was sent back, saying I had to adjust my font so the entire name appeared on 1 line..(no abbreviations) we eventually got payment, after 83 days .. I was beginning to think it was just a way of refusing to pay ..
Their address? They have locations across Canada, the one I dealt with for my load was in Oakville, ON
We have finally been paid almost 7 months later.


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