Walmart receiving

One of my drivers recently was stuck 2 nights at Walmart. Driver was on time and checked in immediately but receiver said backed up due to computer issues and dock delays. Waht is the best way to go about getting layover and wait time from them.
Please suggest any options.


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You should approach the party who is paying for the freight. If it was a collect shipment, then unfortunately you will have to deal directly with Walmart. If the shipment was prepaid, or obtained through a broker, contact them for your additional charges.
Walmart deliveries are all booked on a website. when there are delays- your customer will be aware.
I know that they do pay detention when there are occasions out of ordinary. but in my history of dealing with them, they are not the best at approving charges.
I always remind drivers to get a name of the receiver and get in/out time documented on the paperwork.


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