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VTL TRANSPORT (Ventureline Transport) Double Broker

Discussion in 'Double Broker List' started by boss, Aug 18, 2016.

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  1. htcollections

    htcollections Suspended Member

    Update. VTL paid in 4 days @ 5 Points QuickPay( waiting for 1 more)
  2. htcollections

    htcollections Suspended Member

    I can't comment n that. As for paying, they have quick paid us twice now. Another 2 loads due this week. I will update.
  3. allfreight

    allfreight Site Supporter

    They brokered our freight to other carriers and threatened to call our customer when we paid the carriers directly.
  4. QueenD

    QueenD Suspended Member

    VTL has brokered some freight to us. Always quickpay our inovoices. 7 day payments for 18 loads this year.
  5. allfreight

    allfreight Site Supporter

    Can you call me on this asap. Thanks Janet 905-875-5868
  6. boss

    boss Site Supporter

    We gave a load to VTL Transport (Ventureline Transport - 2600 Skymark Ave, Suite 102, Mississauga, ON L4W 5B2) - do not confuse with VTL in Quebec or Dorval, Quebec.
    Pickup at OUR DOCK. Needed 53' dry van with 15 logistic bars. They brokered the load out to X company with a reefer and no bars. She (Brittany) maintained her story the whole time that it was her company driver pulling an X company trailer...too bad the driver, and the dispatcher from X company had different views. X company clearly stated that they were brokered this load from VTL and they had no other affiliation other than that.

    Not only are they double brokers, but terrible ones.

    DNU for certain. Be careful if you have outstanding balances owed to you from VTL


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