VTL Transport & Road Shark - Double Brokering


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bbfly posted this earlier today:

bbfly - could you please elaborate? We just moved some freight for Road Shark.

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I am trying to clear up a load that was given to us from VTL Transport.

The previous dispatcher never checked the paperwork ..If she had then she would have seen ROAD SHARK all over the BOL.

After getting nowhere - I contacted Road Shark - they claimed it was not their load. So I contacted the shipper who confirmed they gave it to Road Shark.

Road Shark double brokered to VTL and neither is ponying up for services rendered
in the hands of the lawyer and collection agency.
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bbfly - deal directly with the shipper on your load. Good thing you caught this early enough and made all parties aware of the unethical practices.

You should read the numerous past posts regarding VTL from other members on this site.
i did contact the shipper and he asked me not to contact his customer ) Giant Tiger- which i honored. Then he ignored any follow up emails.
so we have turned it over to a collection agency and advised Load Link and we have lawyer writing up letters to send to all parties.

all this for $1200.00.


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No one ever wants "their customer" involved but when it comes down to the nitty gritty...you need to be paid for the service provided. Of course they don't want you contacting their customer but you have a legal right to do so. And if the matter was taken care of and your dilemma acknowledged - you'd go away quietly.

If legal is involved then leave it in their hands - that's what you pay them for. Good on you for following thru - regardless if it's $1200 or $12,000 dollars. Wrong is wrong.....

Keep us posted on how you make out.


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