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VTL Express Levis, PQ

Discussion in 'Preferred Carrier' started by PackRat, Jun 16, 2015.

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  1. misto27

    misto27 Site Supporter

    All good with me ! Still using them over and over !
  2. Rob

    Rob Site Supporter

    All still good with VTL Express. I take it by the comments below I should be good but one never know's
  3. martinetav

    martinetav Well-Known Member

    FYI VTL Express and MV Express are now the same company. We haul for them and they do pay well
  4. Moose

    Moose Member

    Figure it's always good to say some nice things once in awhile.... we've done close to 100 loads with them and always offer great service and communication. Well respected company!
  5. PackRat

    PackRat Site Supporter

    Thanks all. Shipment never materialized but I appreciate the follow ups.
  6. Shakey

    Shakey Site Supporter

    Been almost year since we have connected but have used them for years; was always great service and communication
  7. misto27

    misto27 Site Supporter

    Good afternoon!
    I used them a lot in past! Still does but not as much.

    Good service, good to deal with. Answers quickly and never got any BS stories out of them.

    Dealing with Maxime most of the time.

  8. PackRat

    PackRat Site Supporter

    Good afternoon all,

    Anyone have any experience with VTL Express out of Levis, PQ (NOT VTL Transport out of Lachine) with respect to Service? Thanks in advance all.

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