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Vennex / Route am

Discussion in 'Good Payers' started by alx, Dec 9, 2011.

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  1. alx

    alx Site Supporter

    Hats off to both of these Quebec based brokers.

    I see from another thread this morning regarding Venex, that the OLD BOY'S are working the old way; paying what is due when promised!!

    Just did a load last week for Route AM . We had not worked with them for a good 6 months.
    We delivered the load last Thursday near noon. Invoiced the load around 2:00pm. We received a payment notification from them that they now offered Quick pay. A nice legible form asking what form of payment one would like. Standard, 15 days and 48 hrs.
    We opted for the quick pay.

    Called them Friday @ noon to get an update. The check was mailed out already.
    Monday morning, the check was in hand!!!

    I am hoping someone from Linehaul logistics reads this, they may learn something!!!!

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