Vanak transportation( Vaughan)

They are now on our DNU list.

The last load we did with them: day of pick-up, no updates until 11 AM. Bullshit updates from this point on, driver was an hour way, 2h later he was to be there in 3 hours. What happened in the meantime? They don't know and don't care. Finally got in touch with the driver himself, who was lost (going to Quebec City from Montreal, mind you), apparently they gave him the wrong address too!

During transit, the team lost a whole day, because they BOTH went to sleep all day. Apparently the dispatch told them it was ok. I had to find a local carrier in Saskatoon to receive my freight late evening and redeliver locally, so that the drivers could keep on going and make all the deliveries within the week.

They are now giving us issues about facturing too. A NIGHTMARE to work with.


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