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Hi All,

Anyone have any experience with Unicom Trans out of Hamilton with respect to service? Contact is Slav.
Looks like they moved and the address on the carrier package doesn't match the physical address.
Anything? Thanks all.


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Hi PackRat! Did you end up doing business with them? They contacted us also and we've been burnt recently so I'm being almost paranoid! So just checking if anything happened, good or bad.
I have used them before, if they miss the pickup time they have laid the drivers over until morning to make sure they get the freight on board. I deal with Daniel majority of the time, nothing bad to say about them.


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Hi Misto,

Yes we did use them for the 1 shipment. It picked up on time and delivered a little later than expected but still the same day. Communication was OK. I was given a cell # and they did keep answering it after hours so that's a plus in my books.


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