Ultra Express!!!!

Further to previous warnings about this company load was booked with them and double brokered: which thankfully I caught in the process and found out actual carrier that did it and are making arrangements to pay them directly. In fact this company was paying them more then we had on the load. They tried to get us to pay them right away..but the gig was up. Be weiry about these ppl.

company goes under Ultra Express div of 991892 ont inc. ph 905-602-4020 fx 905-602-4025
I have had the same experience with them. Keeps promising me to pay us, but nothing yet. I went after the customer and he is handling them to get us paid.
Look at my posting on B.C.C. Logistics. Garth and Jeff owe me a few grand. I know of one poor guy they took for 35K.

They are not hard to find. I wish the police would do something about these guys.
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Menzies owned B.C.C. and closed in 2007.

Ultra Express had several owners over the 15 years, last being a man named Luis Torrens....tried to collect but Torrens moved to B.C. and restarted in trucking sales. Did get some funds from shipper but short $1000.
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