Uber Self-Driving Truck Makes First Delivery in Colorado


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Scary, but not surprising. Once people get used to it, it will be the norm. But it wont stop there. Once trucks can drive themselves, there will be less need for dispatchers since most of their current functions will be eliminated. The number of office staff required has already been reduced drastically due to automated billing systems. Management positions will also be cut due to simply less people to manage.

The good news is that the profitability of the carriers in the future will probably be much better with less employees.
The bad news is that the Christmas parties will suck for the same reason.

Will be interesting to see what the next 20 years will bring but I guarantee that it will not look much like the past 20 years.

I am glad that I am on the "back nine" of my career ( in fact I can see the clubhouse from here) and will be watching as a spectator instead of a player!


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Can't wait for a pissed off former driver to start shooting the steer tires out on them because it's put him out of work..

You know it's bound to happen down there where everyone owns a gun


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