Twin K Trucking dbl brokering

Twin K Trucking, Dartmouth NS double brokered one of our loads this weekend and of course for more than we were paying them. Which does not bode well for the carrier actual delivering the loads, except we caught them.
Twin K Trucking
12 Queen st
Dartmouth, NS
Please be careful if they come calling.
well it took 4 months to get back to me,but sure enough,twin k double brokered my freight and now the poor bastard just called looking for payment from me.i did get the origional pod from twin k at the now what??
also located at 2435 chemin lucerne mount royal,,,,they have one of my loads now,,,i'm screwed i'm sure...

Internet Truckstop Security Department is reporting a serious security breach involving TWIN K TRUCKING formerly based in Dartmouth, NS.

This carrier has been double-brokering freight for several months now. Only recently has it surfaced that over a dozen carriers have reported them for non-payment. We investigated and noticed loads were double-brokered to several carriers for as much as 1900$ more then the original price. There appears to be many similarities between occurences last year with another carrier in the Montreal area but this information has not been confirmed therefore we will not publish. We have reason to believe that this fraud was well planned and that many carriers have become a victim of another fraud originating in the Montreal area with ties to the russian mafia. East European criminals have been targeting truckers in recent years by purchasing trucking companies that are facing slow times with a good credit rating. When they purchase a carrier with a good creding rating that attempt to double-broker as much freight as possible in a 3-4month period and often take cash advances on the freight. The loads end up being hauled by carriers/truckers that have no idea that they have hauled the load free of charge and will not get paid. In the past 2 years there have been at least 5 similar cases all in the Metro Montreal area and the national capital region. See ALTZ, Co-Op United, Dubuc Xpress, Ables Transportation & D.Brown Transport.

We welcome any additional information on TWIN K Trucking. At the same time we are discusted that criminals are allowed get away with this time after time. This industry must face more regulations. We need these people stopped ASAP. Please email me any information that may help in the arrest of these criminals. I will forward any information that will help capture these creeps.

Thomas Donaldson
Canadian Trucking Watchdog
The registered owner of Dubuc Xpress is Kiril Sosounov i have his home phone number also. I have been totally harassing him for the last year concerning money owed. The RCMP fraud squad was looking into the Dubuc scam last year but nothing came of it.

Due diligence on the part of the load broker and shipper to ensure they are loading the proper truck is the easiest way to stop this garbage. If you broker a load make sure the shipper knows exactly who's name will be on the truck they are to load.

This scam is getting old and is easily prevented as long as people communicate.
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Can you confirm that there are the same folks at Twin K or is the fact they are russian and based in the Montreal just a coincidence?
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Kirill Sousonov was responsable for the fraud involving Dubuc Xpress, D.Brown ect.. Is it possible he was involved in the scam involving Twin K? BTW I found his profile on facebook, he graduated from St Henri High School in the lower west side.
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