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Truck driving Schools

Discussion in 'Starting a Trucking Business' started by Michael Ludwig, May 6, 2014.

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  1. Michael Ludwig

    Michael Ludwig Well-Known Member

    Ontario Truck Driver Training in London ... the only school I use.
    If you qualify, I'll front you the money for the school, and sign you up for the apprenticeship program. The government gives you $2,000.00 when you have completed the course and logged in 2,000 hours.
    You pay me back for the schooling over a year once you start getting a regular paycheck and you commit to work for me for a year.
    Pretty simple plan.
  2. 102072

    102072 New Member

    Jay's in Scarborough is a very good school too. And they are TTSAO as well!
  3. Candy_7777

    Candy_7777 Member

    I went to Crossroads in Barrie and they are recognized by the insurance companies. School is very good, as far as I can tell, they have 5 campus in Ontario; they offer a full-course, academic and practical.
  4. rickwill

    rickwill Active Member

    Ontario Truck Driver Training or Fifth Wheel Training, but before you enroll in any school ask if their training is accepted by all insurance companies as veifiable experience. I ran into this problem with some new drivers, it's a big disapointment to the student that just spent tons of money and time only to be told unemployable.
  5. Musicman

    Musicman New Member

    I went to Transport Training Centre in Barrie (but they are all over). Had a job before I was finished. Started working the week after getting my license.
  6. Tri-Country in Ayr is by far well worth the money in my opinion
  7. PSTC

    PSTC Member

    Humber still has a school as well.
  8. buzzy

    buzzy Member

    KRTS is still there in Caledonia.
    Danbro and Robar in the Hamilton area
  9. Markel closed their school a few years ago.

    Tri-County in Ayr seems to be the "school du jour" lately. What ever happened to KRTS in Caledonia?

    BAITKEN New Member

    I would go to Markel. I beleive they give you 3 years experience if you pass. I think that would be worth the extra money.
  11. Derek's Diva

    Derek's Diva Member

    Just wondering which school one would recommend for someone to go get there AZ?

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