Transporting Medical Marajuana

hi all - I've got a client who is looking at transporting a load of the sticky green stuff (medical of course).

The shipment is coming from BC we believe and is being transported via air to YYZ where my client is picking it up and delivering within the GTA.

I figured I would ask the knowledgable people of this forum if they have any real life experience with this (no I'm not asking about your high school days or student summer "job"). I'll be asking the google but if anyone can make sense of the legality of this I would be greatly appreciative.

On a side note, my client is a load broker but does own a fleet of trucks.. if certain licensing/experience is required I am happy to put them in touch if anyone has any real experience moving this stuff.

Thanks in advance,

Jim L

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I would definitely recommend that the insurance company is advised. A commodity like that has lots of eyes on it and if it goes missing, the insurance company would like to know before rather than later that you're hauling it.
The only legal way to get medical marijuana now is the government will deliver it through Canada Post. None of these dispensaries are legal. Unless your hauling this for the government, you will be hauling contraband.
Questions Please contact the Office of Medical Cannabis: Toll-Free: 1-866-337-7705 Email: Mailing Once completed and signed, your form is to be sent to Health Canada at the following mailing address: Health Canada Registration Process Address Locator: 0302B Ottawa, ON K1A 0K9


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