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How does a broker go down for 1.2 million if there is no shady deals going on? I understand maybe a big customer went south but 1.2?? Why would anyone ever get into someone for that kinda dough without anything? I see a carrier in Ontario got f-------d for 142k and being as I do not think they had a few hundred trucks and can maybe eeek it out after a big hit they will be next?


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I passed on a load a few months ago with them based on some negative assessments - got a giant lecture from their VP Finance about how I was passing on a good credit risk...



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JED will be fine, he won't be happy, but he will be fine.
Good to know that they'll be able to take the hit on this... from what I've been exposed to them... they seem to be a very well run company. Still it's quite a big hit no matter how well run you are.


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He owns Rapid floral System 1250.00. This carrier closed what, 3-4 years ago? Seems it was given into a recovery agency but seems to no be paid at all. Something's telling they were not a good payer at all....wondering how they went that many years without paying AND still having carriers moving their freight.
Mind. Blown.
We sent them to collections and got paid (less the collection's fee). Then they came back wanting us to pick up another load. Said they were paid off and were straightened out. I wouldn't approve unless they reimbursed what we lost to collections. They never bothered us again.


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