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Hello to all,
Please be advised that Isabelle (atleast that's what she called herself, from Transport Gosselin, Levis, PQ (not to be confused with Gosselin Express in Thetford Mines, PQ) took a load from us and outright Double-Brokered it. The load picked up from MY dock, and still they played the whole 'my driver is there now' when we called once we knew this was a scam. We work with the carrier that showed up regularly. This wasn't an owner operator or sister-company or any other BS you hear from all scammers. The carrier sent us the load confirmation he received from Gosselin as proof. Total con artists. BEWARE.


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I'll second this behaviour. 5/25/17 caught them in a very similar situation. They wound up on the DNU. Beware!

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Experienced the same thing. Scheduled for pickup on Wed July 19th From Quebec City area to Woodbridge. She demanded quick pay. Stamped the BOL with a fake stamp the next day to show received to process payment and then gave the freight to another carrier that delivered On Tues July 25th - 4 days late. When we called Isabelle she claimed she was on vacation and couldn't answer the phone. Shut a production line down. Stay AWAY!! BAD NEWS!!!! Just wish I saw this thread earlier.


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Terrible to hear. Anyone know what name they use on the link to take the freight? I couldn't find anything (after the fact of course)
Isabel Dolbec runs both Gestion Christine Dolbec as well as Tranport Gosselin et Fils. We have had several double brokering cases involving both these companies. Beware, she contacts customers, shippers and receivers claiming that she was not paid for loads that she double brokers to other parties and does not pay!
BEWARE!!! This company is UNPROFESSIONAL, UNDERHANDED and A NIGHTMARE to deal with! Isabelle called me asking for a load which I gave to her. She asked if we did quick pay and was advised no. She proceeded to pickup my load next day and then called to say she would not deliver unless we paid first. She was advised we would pay upon receipt of a POD but wouldn't agree so I told her I would come to my load and deliver myself. She refused to tell us where the load was so I told her I would meet her in the middle and pay 1/2 now and balance on dely but again no. Since she was holding my freight hostage, I paid full amount - then she delivered 2 days late. She also called my customer and told them she would not deliver unless they paid her!!! I wish I saw this thread first but I assure you that I will spread the word through any other sites I can find as well as by word of mouth to all my contacts in the biz. These people are the one who give our industry a bad name!!!


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