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Sent in Transam last week with 3 separate loads, this is the first time we used them and the last.

They had there sales person call our shipper and receiver saying they partnered up with us and the loads they are doing is there lanes and they need to call them direct for availability. Not sure why they would do that because its a cross docking location and the receiver isn't the customer. We have also advised our customer to help build a case against them.

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Please pm me if this information is legit I do not see you as customer of Transam and cannot find any details of the transaction? and you being a new member tells me this is a false accusation. Feel free to post any information here on the details if you like as we do take this very seriously and to date have not back solicited any of our customers.


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maybe specify which company exactly as the Transam we know is a decent carrier and we've never had this issue before with them...


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We've tendered 72 shipments to Transam in the preceding 12 months, there is no evidence of any back solicitation.

Something isn't adding up here Joinbro

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Add me to the list of brokers that have dealt with Transam from Concord ON for many years through different employers and I've never had an issue with them. Dan & Scott have always looked after me pretty good. I have no complaints. Further... I have a hard time believing this.


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Says in original post LTI at bottom. The only LTI I found on google in the GTA is Lally Transport International and I do believe there is threads on them?


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