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Trailer Drop for Storage

Discussion in 'Truck/Freight Leads' started by MikeJr, Nov 18, 2016.

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  1. htcollections

    htcollections Suspended Member

    Trailer Wizard, LoadKing, GTA, Blue Star
  2. MikeJr

    MikeJr Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks all, storage quality for sure (although December means rain and snow on the roof).
    Thanks to those who called in, always nice to hear people's voices!! :)

    Keep well,
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  3. Nawk

    Nawk Well-Known Member

    Trailer Wizards have short term rental units.
  4. theman

    theman Well-Known Member

    The rental rates are obviously higher on shorter term, if the inventory exists. If the trailers are 'storage quality' versus 'OTR ready' you may have better luck. Whether you want to use them or not depends largely on what you're putting in them.
  5. lowmiler88

    lowmiler88 Site Supporter

    Hasiuk Trailers can deliver the trailers to the sight.
  6. Igor Galanter

    Igor Galanter Active Member

    Mike, have you talked to LoadKing rental..
    I was renting without commitment..
  7. Paul Shteyn

    Paul Shteyn Moderator Staff Member

    Concord Trailers on keele should have room
  8. MikeJr

    MikeJr Moderator Staff Member

    Hey guys,
    I've got a customer in Vaughan that has asked me to have 10 trailers dropped on site for the month of December only (December 1 - 31), Most trailer rental co.'s want a minimum 3-6 month commitment so I'm looking for a carrier to partner with on this project. Those of you who take parts of December to rest, take vacation, etc. may be interested? Or maybe you just have a ton of trailers parked? My direct line is on my profile page.

    Happy Friday!

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