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Having difficulty getting paid by TQL. over 90 days and now their "PRT" is on it. I have to wonder about a company that has a Payment Resolution Team for a signed free and clear on time delivery. Anyone else have a slow payment history with them?
Hi all, review your TQL contract with a lawyer and your insurance company. Have someone point out all the uninsurables within that contract prior to signing and pulling for these guys. Not to say they’re different from any other broker, but the contract is very one-sided. You’re signing many of your rights away.
Issues will likely only present themselves when a claim occurs.

Waiving your rights against other parties in the supply chain... also offsetting your past owed charges in the event of claim (gets even stickier if you factor). Those are just 2 points of many which make the contract unfavorable.

Happy to tell you more - but I don't work for free :). PM me if you want to discuss further....
TQL pays fine but they have a lot of morons working there who don't know what they're talking about.

They also try reallllllllly hard to low ball me on all cross border shipments they have. For these reasons I try to steer clear of them. Maybe 1 in 50 loads will pay alright and I've never had an issue collecting from them when I did do a load for them.


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