Toronto to California Car Transport


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is it a personal vehicle? we have transported cars for personal use and it wasn't too complicated. Just needed documents proving ownership. True they are usually for either military or government workers going to the US


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Hauling a personal car is no issue we do it all the time as Martine said. I would just throw it out there as I would imagine any of the ltl guys would be all over it.
Just watch that they don't fill the "vehicle" with personal belongings, as personal belongings need to be cleared in the appropriate manner. I had a lady fill her trunk with stuff and I didn't bother to look inside. Ended up having to bond the car/belongings. What a mess.
Check out Thorsons Marketing in Etobicoke (I think). They only do specialized vehicles, otherwise you can use TFX as mentioned earlier.
Elite Custom Storage comes to mind as well. But not sure that's their lane. Google any name for contact info


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