Tire Damage in customer yard from train spike


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We recently had a driver positioning to load at a customer, When he crossed the railway tracks in there yard caught a raised rail spike ( likely due to frost coming out of the ground ) which cause a steering tire to blow. Who should pay the cost of new tire and service call and we are at a difference of opinion with the customer?


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Who owns the railway spur line? The customer or the rail company? Tough call either way. If your truck was going over a level crossing on a state/provincial highway and the same thing happened, who would you call? Or would it be a “road hazard”? Again, it is a tough decision.


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Tough one I'm guessing if it's a direct customer of yours you could probably have a discussion with them about it and you will learn how much they value your service pretty quickly. If it's a third party load my guess is you will wast more time trying to get paid than what the tire is actually worth, but still worth the initial question but would not spend a lot of time on it.


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