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The best way to qualify carriers?

Discussion in 'NATIONAL TRANSPORTATION BROKERS ASSOCIATION' started by loaders, Jan 20, 2010.

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  1. loaders

    loaders Site Supporter

    In a perfect world, we would all only deal with the people we know, but let's face it - we've all been in the situation where a shipment has to be placed with a new or unknown carrier for any number of reasons.The list of items I posted and the others added to it, are guidelines, some carry more weight than others and are used to help identify potential trouble. Sure, if I Google your location and it comes up as a house in a residential area, I will be concerned, concerned enough to call and get an explanation. However if the references provided don't come back AOK, or there are bad comments on this site - forget it! Using a new carrier, like providing service to a new customer, requires due diligence.
  2. All these tools for checking them out are ok, BUT, word of mouth is usually the best method, If I've never heard of you, I'm not using you, plain and simple. There's flaws with a few of the things people are recomending here as well, like the whole Google earth thing, many companies that run fewer than 20-30 trucks typically don't have their main offices where their yard is. And the whole web-site and company e-mail thing, most of our customers like using instant messaging now so why even bother with company e-mails???
  3. "MyTrucksMyRates" it is usually the smaller carriers who have just a few trucks that don't have a website or company email. The carriers like this in my experience are the ones that would typically double broker my freight. They usually don't want to spend the money to set themselves up on the web and with company emails. Just the opposite can happen as well that a scamer can set up a great website and look legit.

    In todays market most companies have a website as it is a tool many companies use to check out companies they are about to use. This for me includes this website, a company's website and the other sites such as safersys.

    You are probably a great carrier but with all the home based carriers double brokering freight with a yahoo/gmail address and maybe 1 truck, it sends flags up for me. If I had a choice of a few carriers to use and one was more known, all authorities checked out and had a website with company emails, I would tend to lean more towards using them. Once bitten twice shy theory, I guess.
  4. allfreight

    allfreight Site Supporter

    We belong to a Transcore Carrier watch program, if we add carriers to our watch list they monitor their insurance coverage and also their safety rating and notify us of any changes. One other good thing about the Carrier Watch program is it checks aliases, so others at the same address or same phone number come up. I can search by mc, dot, name, phone, fax.
    We can also check TIA watchdog service from this site which is a site for reporting problems with brokers and carriers. I check all new carriers through this program and ALWAYS this site.
  5. My email is, only because my company email was in the works of getting set up and too many people now have it memorized. I give out both emails, but even new clients/contacts seem to send more through the yahoo.

    We don't have a website either, that's more out of laziness and inexperience than anything though.

    I do agree with your last point though.
  6. Focused100

    Focused100 Member

    Thanks - yes this website is great!!
  7. One other in addition to "Loaders" great info is that if Ontario based I check the CVOR.

    Also thru the safersys website you can check to see if there authorities have been revolked.

    I also look to see if the carrier has a website and their email. When I see a yahoo, hotmail or gmail type address that concerns me.

    This website is sure becoming one of the most informative.
  8. Focused100

    Focused100 Member

    Awesome! - thanks so much for taking the time to share :)
  9. Wiley One

    Wiley One Member

    Not sure if the google earth is fair. Our yard and office are not in the same place and I know of a couple others who are that way as well. But I see where you are going with that.
  10. loaders

    loaders Site Supporter

    The following is not a bad starting point;
    1) current authorities and current insurance that can be verified by the insurance broker.
    2) up to date WSIB if Ontario based
    3) at least three references from other brokers, preferably located in Ontario, even better if they are NTBA members
    4)information supplied corresponds to same on US Safer System
    5)use Google Earth Maps to see if address looks like a trucking operation and not a house or apartment
    6) last, but not least - check on this site for any and all comments, PM the poster if further info is required
    7)if at all possible, give your freight to the people you know and have dealt with before
  11. Focused100

    Focused100 Member

    Hello my fellow brokers!

    What do you do to qualify your trucks?

    What web-site do you use to check the Safety Rating?
    What else do you check?

    thanks for your information :)

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