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Josh, your original inquiry was for recommendations how to collect from Tam Transportation. You already found out that loads were double brokered. We recommend you to contact Borderworx, if that is the original broker, introduce yourself as a carrier who moved the freight, explain that you have not been paid, and pursue them to make an effort to contact Tam Transportation for payment to you. In case if Borderworx is yet to pay Tam Transportation, ask for contract reassignment to your company. This is step one, you have to initiate it asap.

Keep the community posted of what is going on.
Question. Is Austin the owner of Tam, Habib and G and B?
Haha no, Austin is not the owner of Tam, Habib and G&B....I am merely a freight guy looking for a good home Lol G&B, by record and reputation, pays their bills and so this helps me short and long term...guilty by association applies in this industry and I dont want to be tied up with ones who dont pay their carriers......Austin is the owner of a mazda 6 and thats about it Lol


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After submitted legal actions draft, got paid on 120th day by EFT, payment was made Dec 21, 2016. Yet invoice was underpaid so we continue enforcing our collection protocol.


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