Superior logistical services, woodbridge

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Two invoices over 100 days. Larry deducted $250 for an LTL shipment that was a Tuesday/Wednesday delivery that delivered Wednesday. We won't do any further business with them and suggest you beware picking up their freight.

Get the money up front if you want to get paid.
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Do not use

Loaded a wide load in Chicago on a Friday afternoon for them going to Barrie, destination gets changed to Quebec City.

Told them that it would not deliver until Tuesday, but somehow have to explain ourselves why you can't run around on a weekend oversize. They have no concept or idea of oversize or trucking for that fact. I hope to get another load to bring to my yard and show them a lesson.

If someone from Superior reads this.... I have a suggestion.....go buy a truck and see how it's done in the real world you load pimps.
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Its always after the fact isnt it? If carriers got together and changed the whole game by getting rid of these brokers and rate cutters, we could all have more freight and make more money. Dreams dont die only the dreamers!LOL

Gord M

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Superior Logistical Services

We reported them to Loadlink and Equifax. I know it's a slow process but Superior will be gone sooner or later.


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