Superfast Truck Line - Lousy Service

Do not use. Liars and lousy at follow up. Booked a truckload one day in advance and confirmed pickup next day. Called next day and told truck running out of Miami to get my load (no problem). Confirmed again all good then send me email cancelling blaming their own driver in that he would not spend the night to get my load even though pickup day was flexible in order to meet ELD.
Their address is:
17 Knightsbridge Road Unit 1702
Brampton, ON
Did one load for him in March 2016. I spoke to him in May and he said he put a cheque in the mail. Checked later in June, he said the cheque was already in the mail. Middle of July his cheque arrived and had only been put in the mail a few days before. Spoke to him at least 5 times before I got my money at 120 days. Wasn't even a very big invoice.


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