Stream Express

Used them a few times with no service issues except one.

The drivers were/are hindu and it just so happen that they were crossing 2 loads for us on 9/11. These poor guys were put through the wringer at US customs and were detained for hours. They handled everything professionally tho...
Just want to toss my 2 cents in on this carrier. After giving them multiple chances to correct the issues on their end, I think it is only fair to post my experience with Stream Express.
They have consistently booked freight only to cancel at the last minute, sometimes after hours of tracing calls. Brij is absolutely brutal to get any updates out of, and typically the one who decides several hours later "they no longer have a truck for the load." The excuse I was given this time was that the driver didn't have plates (for the truck or trailer I don't know and frankly didn't care), this was after calling Stream 4-5 times within a 4 hour span. They have given freight back hours after it was supposed to load, Friday's before a holiday you name it. Every time this happens we are assured that there was a legitimate issue and it won't happen again. They have been officially cutoff, and without going through every instance of this less than professional behavior, I will simply warn you, if you don't care when your freight loads, or don't care about having to cover loads more than once, knock yourself out, otherwise this is not the carrier for you.
Sarah @ SFL


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