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Discussion in 'Good & Bad Shippers/Recievers' started by whatiship, Dec 16, 2014.

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  1. Skier

    Skier New Member

    Don't know what happened to my posts...They are into us for over 80k now. I found out another carrier has the loads posted now, we haven't been paid since about the time of your posting above. I'm told the cheque will be mailed as soon as they get paid. I don't remember signing up to sponsor someone else's business. I expect a percent of the profits if you are using my money to run your company......
  2. Economized

    Economized New Member

    Has anyone had any dealings or issues with a company named Steelrite? The were in Rexdale but have recently moved to Richmond Hill. Appreciate any input , having quite an issue with them.

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