Starship Freight - No Power in Building


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We're on Armstrong Ave in Georgetown. Last summer they dug up the entire street in order to upgrade thigns like water drainage, they put in a bicycle lane, etc. They were hitting phone lines weekly and the bell guys were cashing in big time (taxpayers pay for that in the end). Currently on the east side of the building there is a water main they have repaired already twice this year and now they are excavating a massive area of the parking lot on the east side of the building pretty much right to the road because the thing keeps breaking. Thankfully we have 30 or so parking spots on the west side of the building!

This last power issue according to the time the battery backup on the server went offline I think was 5:30AM - 8:20AM. Of course, when I arrived they were digging near the transformer that is on the property. I think they turned the power off 'in case' rather than snapping a line this time.

Fingers crossed they are done interrupting services to the building!!

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