Slingshot Transportation

Slingshot Transportation
370 N. Ontario St.
Milton, Ontario
L9T 2V1

Does anyone have any info on this carrier good or bad???


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They are produce guys who have been around for quite a while. You probably won't have much of a problem with them.

They're kind of like a mini CHR in that they also are involved in produce buying and brokering.

Yikes .... I take it all back.

Slingshot Transportation out of Brooklyn, Michigan

Sorry, we have never dealt with the company from Milton, ON
Address: PO BOX 610 12475 M-50
Postal: 49230
Tel: 800-688-4610
Fax: 517-592-9875
Average Days to Pay: 54

Last payment Nov/10 61 days.


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Gerry in the ON office is somwhat of a jerk in my humble opinion. We picked up 1 pallet of socks in Logan UT on 21 Nov and tried to get in touch with the receiver to make delivery arrangements. I left many messages and often just tried and did not leave a message. NEVER got a return call. So as not to travel without being able to confirm our delivery information , we parked the driver. Tuesday morning, Slingshot calls to see why we didn't deliver on the Monday. (He to had a message or two to call me) I explained our proceedure and all he could say is ' you didn't call ME'. I sure wish there was a way to prove that we left voice mail messages. Two minutes after I hang up with him, his customer finally calls me. So we send the truck in to deliver. I would like to remind you, this is one skid of socks... with display units. We received payment today with a $100 deduction for late delivery/no call. That's all it took to make it to our DNU list. Can't stand Brokers who make extra money by cutting transport companies. This was freaking ltl, socks, it wasn't the crown jewels. and LATE well we were there the next day, Tuesday' and in our eyes, we had said Monday or Tuesday delivery... we were not late.
On our DNU list as well. Gerry asked us to pick up 15 loads of concrete over one week. After the third load, he called to say his price had changed by $150. He said we could keep the loads if were willing to do them cheaper. (This was after he had set the price and sent us Confirmations for all 15 loads)
We declined and invoiced him for the three loads we had done. He paid us at 60+ days - but held back $450! He said that the price had changed after the third load so he had to deduct the $450. Never, ever again!!!


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It would seem that Gerry already has his price in mind. He'll say YES to the amount that you are asking and then he will find any reason to cut you to the amount that he wanted to pay in the first place.


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