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They have a software program that keeps you safety compliant. Low cost monthly rental (about a cup of coffee per day for a small company) and none of their clients has failed an audit. Out of Toronto. url=
Any worthy compliance software is going to have to link all items (power unit-driver-trailer) in one fashion or another to make it worth while.

If not a driver / truck could be dispatched with one part or the other out of compliance which is of course what you are trying to get under control.

Some software is developed with safety as an afterthought, so be very sure of what you are looking at.

In this case, are accidents, violations which need to be tracked, treated as "separate" items thus upping the cost?

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Just do your homework on any software you are looking at and ask any and all questions until you get a suitable answer.
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Smapshot is Simply Compliance's comprehensive fleet management tool for commercial transportation carriers. Snapshot costs 75 cents or less per month per unit. Free training, free support, automatic updates, unlimited users, no contract, accessible anywhere with internet connection (great for multi branch operators), export data to pdf,rtf, excel etc. email reports, import documents and images i.e. driver pictures, accident scenes and police reports etc. for quick viewing. Designed so that anyone can use it whether or not they know the industry 90 day money back guarantee.


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