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Should you be worried?

Discussion in 'NATIONAL TRANSPORTATION BROKERS ASSOCIATION' started by loaders, Oct 31, 2014.

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  1. loaders

    loaders Site Supporter

    It's 4:00AM and you receive a call from your carrier. the truck carrying your shipment has been involved in a serious accident. The driver and your freight are both OK, but the car he hit when he drove through a red light was driven by a renowned surgeon and father of six. The surgeon is dead. Should you be worried?

    The NTBA is hosting a dinner meeting with representatives of freight industry insurance company, Marsh Canada and a transportation lawyer On Wednesday November 19th, at Le Treport Convention Centre, 1075 Queensway EAST, Mississauga, On. Networking and cash bar 6:00PM - 7:00PM. Dinner at 7:00PM

    The cost is free for members in good standing and $65.00 for guests and prospective new members.

    Insurance and legal issues will be presented by the guest speakers, followed by a questions and answer period.

    Further information and a registration form can be found at the NTBA website

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