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Sales people

Discussion in 'Starting a Trucking Business' started by Paul Shteyn, Apr 25, 2016.

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  1. Freight Broker

    Freight Broker Well-Known Member

    If at all possible do your own sales as the owner of the business. Sales people are very expensive, and once they reach their comfort zone they cease to be productive. Even a busy business owner can make 30 cold calls a day.. that works out to over seven THOUSAND calls a year. Do that year in and year out and you will have more business than you can possibly handle. It's the first thing I do every day.. I make my 30 calls. At best I've got a lead or two to follow up by midmorning. and at worst I've been humbled by 30 people who have no use for my services but have reminded me to appreciate my current accounts.
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  2. theman

    theman Well-Known Member

    I disagree with Jim L only in that salespeople don't leave in a heartbeat. They'll leave for one of a couple of reasons, the first being that they aren't supported properly in the organization or there has been some sort of change in business or compensation plan that makes the environment unviable. The cost to a salesperson in terms of time and effort is too much to blow away like that. I've never taken making a move unlikely, whether in the sales end or previously the operations end of the spectrum.

    The rest of it is pretty much on point though.
  3. Jim L

    Jim L Active Member

    It definitely requires a lot of management. Before you know it, you're hiring a sales manager to ensure the salesperson(s) are converting.
  4. theman

    theman Well-Known Member

    Paul, it's a loaded question for sure.

    It really depends on what kind of strategy you have as far as sales go. The more collaborative and long term you want the relationship to be, the longer you can expect the sales cycle to be. If you just want to do spot freight where the point of entry is low-level people, it's quicker but the sales by customer is generally lower.

    If you pay people salary plus commission, the big advantage is that you can sell 'on message', meaning realistically you can have targets on who, what, where you want to sell. If you're hiring agents strictly on commission, they eat what they hunt and will just grab anything and anything.

    I know from personal experience that the first year that I am anywhere is always a struggle because even though I may know people, those people don't know who I represent and will make me pay my dues before getting anything substantial from them. How fast things turn on exactly is partly luck. A lot of companies expect to see results in 90 days but it's actually not realistic. You need 12 months to get a good picture but obviously if you can see someone is not prospecting and doesn't have much on the schedule it's a bad sign.
  5. Jim L

    Jim L Active Member

    Every situation is different and thus different structures and results are required. I don't think you can take a sales person, give them expectations, and success will follow. Yes, structure and expectations help identify and quantify the end result and let everyone know where you stand but there is too much that can change over time. It requires regular meetings and basically teaming up with them to identify leads, turn them into prospects and clinch them.

    I find that the salesperson does a better job in selling my customers freight to me then they do selling my services to the customer. It takes a long time to find the right person and then if you compensate them based on results you may lose them to a dollar figure the next guy promises. Salespersons are like drivers; they will move in a heartbeat for that extra percent or extra $1000 in base pay and not look back.
  6. Paul Shteyn

    Paul Shteyn Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Guys,
    wanting your input, where do you hire a good sales person? sources?

    how do you organize there base pay plus commission structure?

    performance? how long do you give them to product results?

    what is a realist lead conversion can you except or how many leads solid leads should they be bringing in?

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